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Indonesian culture brings us joy
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When we first went to Indonesia, we were thrilled. The charm, the energy and the story that comes out of every piece of furniture just didn't let us sleep. Indonesians love to surround themselves with beautiful things. Even though they may be poor, they know how to make themselves happy. And it breathes out of their homes.

We wanted to bring exactly the same to you, not only beautiful products and home accessories, but also the energy that breathes from the products. We have a variety of hand-carved stone statues, statues cast from volcanic lava, as well as bathroom accessories, bathtubs and sinks made from river stone... And also a variety of bowls, stools, seats and chairs made from exotic wood that you can sit on both in the living room and in the garden.

Enjoy the Indonesian lifestyle and rejoice in the beauty and positive energy! Among our products, something will definitely appeal to you. We also offer limited editions where you can get truly original pieces. Try it out!