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11.5. 2020

Logistics during a pandemic

Although everything is now more time and money consuming than before due to the pandemic, we are definitely still functioning, albeit to a slightly limited extent. Deliveries are delayed but the main thing is that we are not giving up together with our customers. We have not slowed down and we are preparing a massive expansion of our product range. Just please forgive us for sometimes longer delivery times. In this case, we will always call you first to discuss how to proceed.

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Dear friends, dear customers. Although everything is much more difficult than before, we are definitely still functioning, albeit to a slightly limited extent. The main thing is that we are not giving up.

The biggest problem is getting goods into the country from Indonesia. Containers either do not arrive at all or are delayed often by as much as 8 to 10 weeks. So sometimes we are missing some goods and we have to be patient. I am happy to thank our customers who understand the situation and are willing to wait for the goods.Another thing is that our central warehouse is in Austria and the border is currently closed. This means that we are forced to use external carriers for transport to the Czech Republic, which further increases our costs (also the sea freight has become more expensive and the exchange rate of the crown has fallen). However, we have decided that the losses generated in this way simply have to be borne temporarily and we have not, and will not, make goods more expensive, at least this year. We will hold out until the pandemic has passed and circumstances are more favourable. Of course, it is clear to us that the situation will never be the same again, but this only motivates us to find new ways to not only maintain our services, but moreover to improve them. In the month of May, we will expand our range of products because we have managed to find new suppliers to replace those who could not cope with the situation and unfortunately had to close. So we look forward to seeing you all next time and thank you for your continued support.

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