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How to harmonize your home office? The right decorations will give you positive energy

1.8.2021 PhDr. Jiří Kočandrle Tips on products and their care


The last six months have brought many unexpected changes - instead of working in the office, many people have permanently moved into their homes. Do you also work in a home office? We can advise you on how to fine-tune your study or work area to be as productive as possible.

Your mood and work performance can be affected by a number of factors - such as discomfort or stress. In either case, you'll benefit from creating an environment that makes you feel good. This means having a proper desk and chair, good lighting (natural daylight is ideal) and, most importantly, nothing around you that could distract you unnecessarily.

But don't forget the elements that will make your office cosy and boost your energy. Such as lava stone, which also helps relieve stress, small ornaments made of river stone or petrified wood.

Surround yourself with lava stone statues

Maybe you've never travelled to Indonesia before, but you can still be enthralled by the culture and interesting decorations full of mysterious energy. Lava stone, which comes from the volcanic island of Java, is also known as "Mother Earth's blood" or "Earth's petrified blood" - Indonesians are well aware that it can strengthen the spirit, develop the imagination and boost self-confidence and logical thinking.

It removes negative energies and helps you not to stress unnecessarily. It is mainly used to create garden sculptures and pots. So if you like to work on your porch or in your garden arbour during the summer months, don't hesitate to get lava stone accessories. But it can also be used in the interior study - just a small statue will have a great effect on you.

Petrified wood will boost your home wellbeing

Petrified wood is used to make interior and exterior pieces. It has a distinctive texture and will brighten up both your seasonal and indoor study. For example, you can place a decorative bowl made of petrified wood or a coffee table, which you can further complement with a planter, a salt lamp or perhaps a decorative candle holder.

Bet on hanging sculptures on the wall

Wooden sculptures look great in any room and last a long time. They are made from recycled tropical teak wood. You can get a square textured tile, a teak clock to keep track of the time, simple discs, a mirror to visually expand a small space or frames to brighten up your photos.

However, don't go overboard with the decorations and opt for the minimalist route instead. Just a few motifs are enough - even these will make a big difference to the overall impression. If you overwhelm your study with too many decorations, the pleasant energy of the individual elements won't help you much - instead, you'll create a mismatch that will have exactly the opposite effect.


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