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Bali under the onslaught of plastics

21.1.2021 PhDr. Jiří Kočandrle Travel articles


Unfortunately, I have to respond to the literally tragic situation where the environment in Bali is now incredibly polluted with plastics. Plastics and litter in general have been a problem before, but not to this extent, and it seemed about three years ago that the government was starting to do something about it. However, the opposite is true and the situation today is shocking. And it's not just beaches, it also affects watercourses, gullies, populated areas and even paths to important monuments and religious sites are not spared. It is only a matter of time before tourists change their minds about this popular destination. It is as if the inhabitants are up against themselves.

The photos below are not exceptionally mine, I am posting photos from "news.ORF.at " and here is a link to the full article Strände versinken im Plastikmüll in German. We have noted before that residents often do not keep things tidy, noting that there are no funds for cleaning. In response, most of us think that lack of money is not an obstacle to cleaning up our own house. Not that this is the norm, but you will certainly notice this fact when visiting the island.

The situation is ripe for outside help, but it certainly won't happen without a change in attitude from the locals.

Bali zamořené plasty

Bali zamořené plasty

Bali pláže plné plastů

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