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Indonesian culture fills us up

When we first went to Indonesia, we couldn't believe our eyes. Many of the people struggle with poverty and live in conditions we can hardly imagine. Despite all this, the people of Indonesia can be happy and positive. Their religion, culture and nature certainly contribute to this.

Indonesians usually furnish their humble dwellings with simple but very functional hand-crafted furniture made of wood or stone. The overall impression is then enhanced by beautiful hand-crafted decorations. Taken together, everything makes for a cosy and fresh home, which, thanks to its simplicity, looks very natural. Inherent to the home are domestic shrines or at least prayer places and altars, accompanied by the necessary decorations in the form of flowers and deities worshipped.

So when we first discovered this magic of Indonesian culture, we decided to pass on our feelings and set up a shop selling Putu products. We regularly travel mainly to Bali and Java to bring all the beautiful, handmade products to you. So we hope you like them!

We see the whole of Asia


Aside from Bali and Java, we love to travel to other destinations in Asia - we love Myanmar, Malaysia and of course we can't forget Mother India. But personally, I also like to visit Greece or even North Macedonia, which never cease to fascinate me with the pure energy of the monasteries there, the ancient monuments and the beauty of nature. So in 2021, we'll take advantage of the enforced break in travel and try to share our experiences with you in our articles.


Visit us in our outdoor sample room in Zákupy u České Lípy. Visiting is possible by prior arrangement - email us at info@putu.cz or call us at tel. +420 731 435 022. Těšíme se na vaši návštěvu!


Malá obrazová upoutávka z našich oblíbených destinací:

Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

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